Government embarks on a programme to rid Kitale Town off street children

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More  than a  thousand street children have been relocated from Kitale streets following concerted efforts between the  government and stakeholders since last year.

The  Trans Nzoia County Children Officer (CCO), Aston Maugu said that the remaining 304 people living on the streets  have refused to be assisted and will be cleared out through a planned crackdown.

He  said  over 70 adults on the streets of Kitale were posing a security threat to residents.

The   CCO  said  234 children still loitering the streets must be taken to their homes or children’s homes to rid Kitale streets  off  the urchins.

Maugu  confirmed that records held by his office showed that there were over 1350 street children since 2018.

He  faulted residents for baiting the children to be attracted to the streets by giving them money and gifts which enable them buy drugs and remain on the streets.

According  to  the  CCO, at least 470 children that were on the streets have parents and homes and only came to the streets to beg.

We have taken a good number to Kakamega rehabilitation centre and others have been send to children’s homes in the  county, he  told KNA during an interview in his office on Friday.

Among  the children’s homes that the children officer is working with include, Kwetu Nyumbani Children’s home, Talented Hearts and, Embrace a Street Child where they are nurtured before being handed to Agape Mission Church for academic support.

“We  also want to caution the public that we are vigilant and will take action on those who take advantage of these desperate kids and engage them in illegal activities,” he added.

Maugu  said that their aim is to completely rid the streets off street children or reduce the number to 10% by the end of  2019.

By  Pauline  Ikanda

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