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Government launches LetsGoToKenya media Campaign

The Ministry of Information, Communications and The Digital Economy through the State Department for ICT and The Digital Economy has launched a global digital campaign dubbed LetsGoToKenya aimed at promoting awareness of Kenya as a premier global destination for both tourism and investment.

This follows Nairobi’s endorsement as the world’s best city to visit in 2024 by Lonely Planet, a United States based travel agency, placing it ahead of Paris and Montreal in Canada.

The campaign which will run for a period of one year was officially launched by ICT and the Digital Economy PS Eng. John Tanui who was accompanied by ICT Authority CEO, Stanley Kamanguya, Konza Technopolis Development Authority CEO John Paul Okwiri and other key government officials and technology development partners.

“It is my great pleasure to join you today for the launch of the #LetsGotoKenya digital media campaign. Nairobi, our capital city and a jewel in Kenya’s crown, has been rightfully recognized as the best city to visit in 2024 by Lonely Planet”, said Tanui.

This accolade lays the foundation for our gathering today. The upward trajectory of Kenya’s tourism sector is undeniable. Our nation’s allure, with its warm hospitality, status as a technology and innovation hub, vibrant street culture, and the unique distinction of Nairobi as the “Green City Under the Sun” with its national park within city limits, has earned it the esteemed title from Lonely Planet,” added Eng. Tanui.

He said that the campaign aims to harness the power of technology, specifically tapping into the capabilities of social media platforms, leveraging the enthusiasm and expertise of Kenya’s youthful, tech-savvy population which constitutes approximately 70 percent of the demographic as well as the vibrant creative community.

“By fostering collaboration across various government ministries, departments, agencies, and technology partners, we seek to amplify our message and attract more opportunities for tourism and investment,” said Tanui.

The PS pointed out that the campaign will leverage on major events and forums being hosted by the government throughout the year to further promote the campaign hence, maximizing its visibility and impact.

“We will utilize the Connected Africa Summit which is set to be held in April, the 41st International Association of Science Parts conference being hosted by Konza in September and the Transform Africa Summit 2024 to be held in August in Nairobi. The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner will also be hosting the Network of African Data Protection Authorities Conference in May,” said Tanui.

Tanui further noted that the campaign will capitalise on a one government approach where he called on other government agencies to contribute to content creation and the #WeGotoKenya Hashtag promotion.

He pointed out that key partners in the campaign comprise Linkedin, Kenya Airways, Startup Lions/Digital nomads of Turkana, Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife and the Ministry of Youth, Creative Economy, and Sports which will engage with content creators and sports associations to infuse the campaign with dynamic energy.

“Technology companies, including esteemed representatives such as META and Google will play a pivotal role in promoting the campaign, bolstering platform security, providing capacity-building initiatives, and delivering performance metrics to optimize the country’s outreach efforts.

PS Tanui further acknowledged the critical role to be played by the media sector in amplifying the key messages to a wider audience through interviews, talk shows and publications.

“Together, let us unite in showcasing Nairobi’s vibrant culture, rich heritage, and innovative spirit to the world. Let #LetsGotToKenya become our song for tourists and investors alike, beckoning them to experience the countless wonders our city has to offer”, declared Eng.Tanui.

By Rachael Kilonzo

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