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Governor Mutua concludes his Grassroots Development Meetings

Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua has concluded his three-day development meetings with grassroots leaders drawn from various sub-counties in Machakos County.

Speaking in Machakos town Monday, the Governor acknowledged the support he has received from the people of Machakos on the development initiatives within the County.

“Today at my office in Matuu, I met grassroots leaders from Yatta and Masinga sub-counties to engage and deliberate on development matters,” Dr. Mutua.

“As I conclude my three-day government listening project, I want to acknowledge the support we have received from the people of Machakos on the development initiatives within the county, ranging from the ease of doing business to the expansive road networks, street lighting programs, empowered youth from our free polytechnics and water programs with over 520 boreholes, 400 dams and weirs,” said Dr. Mutua.

The county boss pointed that his government would continue to make heavy investments in the health sector to ensure that the residents receive the best possible services.

“The list of my Government’s achievements is long. I have enumerated those successes item by item in the last two days of our deliberations. In the remaining 18 months, I assure the residents of Machakos County that my Government will remain focused on service delivery,” said Dr. Mutua.

He further reiterated that the progress the county has made in the last eight years has confirmed that it is possible to shift Machakos County from the third world to the first world.

“We are on the right path and through the Maendeleo Chap Chap spirit we shall get there sooner than later,” he added.

Speaking Friday at his Machakos office after holding the first development meetings with leaders drawn from Mavoko, Machakos town and Kathiani sub-counties, the Governor said that this is part of his government’s listening project.

“The project’s objective is to have those directly concerned highlight issues arising from the community and formulate informed decisions that address them,” said Dr. Mutua.

“Since the beginning of my second term, my government has continued to roll out holistic programmes that have improved the wellbeing of people ranging from provision of quality water for domestic and farm use, building and equipping health facilities,” added Dr. Mutua.

According to the County Chief, the programmes also include construction of roads and provision of farm implements to the residents with a view to addressing food security.

“I listened to young people’s call for my government to tap and harness youth talent, and offered my responses on measures we have taken to put young people at the frontline of our development agenda,” pointed Dr. Mutua.

He noted that the responses include his decision to build top of the range football stadiums in every sub-county, a move he says seeks to identify and grow sporting talent from among our young people.

Dr. Mutua urged women to continue to play a leading role in the growth of the economy through farming, trade and their professional input adding that his government supports initiatives of women by providing seed capital to business ventures, availing farm inputs and markets for food crops.

He further pointed that looking back at the achievements the county has made, “we cannot underestimate the role of our community in sharing with us their priorities and crucial advice necessary for shaping the destiny of their children and grandchildren”.

In May 2019, Machakos county government embarked on projects aimed at engaging the youth and providing them with employment opportunities.

Speaking while inspecting the ongoing construction of Mavoko stadium in Athi River town, Dr. Mutua said his government is currently constructing four stadiums and aims to construct nine new stadiums by the end of the year.

According to the Governor, the stadiums, such as the Mavoko one, will feature a youth academy building and social hall to be used by the youth.

“The stadiums under construction are in Athi River, Masii, Ikombe and Kinyui (near Tala). New stadium construction work will start in July, this year, in Mitaboni, Kangundo, Ekalakala, Kalama and Machakos town,” said the Governor.

He noted that currently the state of unemployment among the youth is a matter of great concern given that employment opportunities in the country have shrunk.


By Rachael Kilonzo

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