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Governor Wa Iria Wont Back off for 2022 Top Seat

Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria has stressed that he would not abandon his interest to vie for the presidential seat come 2022.

Wa Iria has said after completion of his term as a governor, he would not retire in politics but go for the top seat in the next general elections.

Speaking when he donated food stuff among other items to less fortunate and those living with disabilities on Thursday, the governor observed that he has a political party which he would use to vie for the presidency in 2022.

Wa Iria said that in the new year, he would embark on popularizing his new party and champion voter registration in the larger Mount Kenya region and other parts of the country.

“I will not shelve my interest to vie for the presidency come 2022. I’ve already served as a governor for two terms and that does not mean I will retire. I will vie like other Kenyans who want to serve this country in the position of president,” remarked the governor.

He added that vying for the president’s seat does not mean he is tribalistic saying despite the Kikuyu community producing three presidents, any Kenyan from any community could become the president provided he has qualities and was ready to serve all Kenyans.

“Who said being from a Kikuyu community I should not serve as a president? Every Kenyan has a constitutional right to vie for the seat he or she wishes provided the person qualifies to go for the seat,” averred the governor.

Wa Iria’s sentiments come at a time when the governors who are serving the second term are contemplating the next political move.

Some of the governors have been quoted as saying they would go for Members of Parliament’s seats after completion of their terms.

“I can’t vie for an MP seat. I will try my luck and hope I will part of the next government,” he said, noting that he would not need endorsement from anyone but he was determined to seek support from Kenyans.

The governor told off a section of Murang’a leaders who were downplaying his plans saying he would not be distracted by anybody.

“Those who are trying to discourage me should stop and focus on their political strategies. Am not interested in county politics but I want to be in the national limelight,” he added.

Wa Iria said the votes’ rich Mount Kenya region should be part of the next government thus the region needed a leader who would champion its interests.

During the occasion, about 10, 000 needy people were issued with various food items to celebrate the New Year.

The governor appealed to those who were blessed with resources to share with the less fortunate saying in 2020 many families were negatively impacted by the covid-19 pandemic.

By Bernard Munyao

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