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Governor wants IPOA to reveal details of the report on Kolongolo shooting

Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba has challenged the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) to make public the findings of an inquest in the incident where five people died when police opened fire during a confrontation between police and residents in Kolongolo last week.
Khaemba threatened to sue the government if details of the report were not made known to the public.
He also asked Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) to thoroughly carry out investigations on the incident and prepare a report on whether human rights were violated by police.
He was speaking in Kitale town Wednesday when he met the family members of victims of the police brutality in Kolongolo where he donated Sh.100 000 to each of the five families that lost their loved ones in the incident.
Five people died and scores others were injured during the incident.
The governor condemned the incident noting that police overstepped their mandate of protecting residents and ended up killing them.
He asked IPOA and other relevant agencies to issue a communication on some officials who had earlier supported the shooting incident adding that the Kenyan constitution does not allow violation of human rights.
The Governor asked the government to expedite the transfer of police officers from Kolongolo police post and carry out a forensic investigation to identify those who were involved in shooting residents.
The county government together with the families of the deceased met to finalize funeral arrangements.
A funeral mass will be held at Kolongolo market on December 27, 2018, before each family proceeds to bury their loved one.
Earlier, families of those affected had threatened to stop burial arrangements but the intervention by the county government helped to cool tempers.
The governor asked political leaders to be calm and shun politicking during the funeral and instead assist the affected families.
By Moses Wekesa

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