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Oburu says those opposing constitutional review are not sincere

East African Legislative Assembly MP Dr. Oburu Odinga has challenged politicians opposed to the constitutional review debate to come clean about their intentions.
Oburu said some of the politicians who are the major beneficiaries of the constitution that they firmly opposed in 2010, are busy spreading propaganda against the proposed review telling the public that the exercise is meant to create positions for a few individuals in the country.
The Legislator who spoke in Bondo said the constitutional review is for the benefit of all Kenyans and not for a few individuals.
He said that in 2010, the constitution was promulgated but the country agreed that it was not perfect and therefore it was to be subject to review after adoption.
Oburu said the time to review the contentious issues in the constitution has come and added Kenyans should be given a chance to undertake the exercise.
“We had agreed that the constitution will be reviewed for adjustments. It is the citizens who will be engaged, asked questions in the referendum and their decisions will stand”, he stated.
The EALA legislator, who was flanked by Siaya Senator James Orengo said that politicians opposing the review were dragging Kenyans behind.
Orengo on his part stated that all over the world, countries regarded as strong democracies constantly reviewed and improved their constitutions.
He said that the proposed referendum on the constitution will not only improve the constitution but also lead to better governance of the country.

By Brian Ondeng’

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