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Fishermen decry increasing rate of insecurity

Fishermen in Bondo sub-county have expressed concern over increasing rate of insecurity around Lake Victoria waters.
Led by Chairman of the Beach Management Units’ Network in Bondo sub-county Mr. Johannes Gaunye, the fishermen decried rampant theft of fishing gear and vessels, while calling for urgent government intervention to end the vice.
The chairman, who spoke to KNA on Monday, revealed that they have lost hundreds of fishing nets and one engine boat within a period of one month.
He stated that they have discovered that most of the crime on the lake is being perpetrated by some of the Beach Management Unit (BMU) officials.
Gaunye noted that it has come to their realization that some of the BMU officials were conniving with pirates and other criminals to attack and steal from fishermen on the lake, while warning that this will not be left to continue.
He instructed all BMU officials in the sub-county to suspend all their patrols on the lake forthwith, noting the network will be the only one allowed to patrol the lake from now henceforth.
The chairman stated that the other BMU officials will only join the patrols through permission from the BMU network, to prevent cases where the officials were allegedly colluding with criminals to harass fishermen.
By Brian Ondeng’

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