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Students warned against wearing tattoos on their bodies

Students  in Siaya County have been warned against drawing tattoos in their bodies as this may put them at loggerheads with their school administrators.

The  Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (KESHHA) Siaya County Chairperson, Vincent  Odhiambo  said that  although  school rules do not allow tattoos they have noticed that many students in the region have drawings on the  visible  parts of  their bodies.

Odhiambo  said  that this has forced the school administrators to send the students home to remove the drawings causing outcry from parents who find it very expensive to remove tattoos.

“Some  of the tattoos are permanent and could cost up to shs.2 million to remove. This is too expensive for the parents  who are struggling to pay fees,” said Odhiambo.

Odhiambo  who  is  also  the  Principal  of Chianda High School said the students were often influenced by action of celebrities  without knowing what the drawings on the body symbolize.

“Tattoos  are  now viewed as fashion among the youth who blindly imitate what celebrities around the world are doing.  What  they do not understand is that the symbols drawn on the body may be linked to a cult or outlawed groups,” he said.

Odhiambo  also said that the tattoos are harmful to the students’ bodies as different machines are used to pierce the skin  and  that can make them develop skin complications.

He  on  that note cautioned  the students that they may face challenges in future when they realise that they want to remove  the tattoos which they no longer fancy.

Odhiambo  also  told parents to be watchful of what their children draw on their bodies to prevent them falling into trouble  with the society in future.

The  Principal said that they will not allow students with tattoos on their bodies as they may influence the innocent ones  into strange cultures and beliefs.

By  Mary  Oswero

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