Gov’t constructs chief’s offices in Mandera

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The National Government has started building chief’s offices in the most remote and volatile areas in the region, so as to provide an avenue to share important information to the authorities through chiefs’ office.

Rhamu Dimtu residents posting for a photo with Mandera North Member of Parliament after opening of a chief office in their Location. Photo by  Charles Matacho

Early this week Mandera North Member of Parliament, Major Bashir Abdullahi opened two chiefs’ offices in Ashabito and Rhamu Dimtu constructed by the National Government through Mandera North Constituency Development Fund.

Abdullahi, clearly stated that the government has seen need to construct offices in the marginalized area, in order to improve service delivery to wananchi. He urged chiefs in the area to perform their duties and serve all citizens as expected by Kenyan law.

“This is a public office and hence government is expecting you to serve its citizens diligently; our people must feel the impact of these offices in their midst,” said Abdullahi.

Abdullahi added that the government is committed to build more offices in the area, as well as equipping the existing ones. He also promised to equip chiefs with the right tools like computer to enable them effectively perform their duties.

Abdullahi asked residents to use these offices to better their lives and cooperate with chiefs in helping the government to root out Al-Shabaab insurgents in the region.

Speaking during opening of Rhamu Dimtu Chief’s Office, Mohamed Elmi Rhamu Dimtu area chief thanked the government for the initiative. He stated that he has been working under temporary shelters since he was appointed as chief.

“Today am very happy and thankful to government for building us an office, we have been operating under a temporary shelter, but today we are blessed to have this permanent offices,” said Mohammed.

These offices will also be important in enhancing information sharing, as well as handling basic management cases in the grassroots.

By Charles Matacho

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