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Gucha digitise civil registration services

Gucha, Kisii County, has started training Registration Assistants (HRIOs) and Chiefs on the Unique Personal Identifier (UPI) system as part of the government’s plan to digitise Civil Registration Services.

The UPI system, scheduled for a public launch after the comprehensive training of stakeholders nationwide, promises to streamline the process of registering newborn children.

Through the E-Citizen platform, parents will be able to register newborns online, eliminating the need to physically visit government registration offices. This shift towards online registration marks a significant step towards efficiency and convenience in service delivery in the public sector.

During the training sessions, participants quickly grasped the efficiency and user-friendliness of the UPI system.

“The UPI system is set to significantly reduce paperwork and administrative burdens previously associated with citizen enrolment and registration,” Gucha sub-county Registrar of Persons Steven Boit said.

Among the key elements covered during the training were: creating a CRS account, where trainees learned how to set up a CRS account, ensuring a smooth and secure process for users. Boit noted that this is a crucial step in enabling seamless access to birth registration services.

The trainees were then taken through the application process. The system enables parents to apply for a new birth certificate with unprecedented ease.

From entering personal details to submitting necessary documents, the entire application process takes less than five minutes, making it a game-changer for parents eager to obtain birth certificates for their children.

Once applied, the system initiates a review process. “Upon approval, the birth certificate is ready for download by the applicant, allowing quick access to the essential documentation,” the registrar informed Kna.

It was noted that a pivotal aspect of the UPI system’s success lies in the role of Sub-County Registrara, who are tasked with adding local hospitals within their respective sub-counties to the system.

“These hospitals will serve as vital registration centres, simplifying the birth registration process for parents,” added Boit.

To achieve this, hospitals must provide detailed information, including full names or health facility codes, HRIO ID numbers, phone numbers, email addresses, and the names of the respective buildings, to the Sub-County Registrar for ease of being enlisted on the system.

Chiefs in Gucha County have pledged their full support to ensure the success of the UPI system. They are committed to playing a crucial role in educating and sensitising their communities about the benefits of this ground-breaking initiative. With their assistance, it is expected that every Kenyan will have the opportunity to take full advantage of this modernised approach to CRS.

By Misheba Alfred

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