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Herders with illegal firearms urged to surrender t hem

The  Eastern Regional Commissioner (RC), Isaiah Nakoru has asked herders in possession of illegal firearms to surrender them to the government, since enough security personnel have been deployed into the area.

Leading  members  of  Development  implementation  and  coordination  committee  in  an inspection tour of the Isiolo  International  Airport (IIA), Nakoru warned that stern measures would be taken against any person found with illegal firearms.

However, he  commended local  residents, saying in the last one month, five illegal guns were surrendered to the relevant  authorities.

The  RC said that the principal mandate of any government was to protect lives and properties of its citizens.

He  said  the government  had deployed  security officers’ right to the villages to protect the people, thus there was no  need for illegal guns, which were sometimes used to fight others.

Nakoru   said  Isiolo had a bad history, where leaders have been known to incite residents against one another in order  to  stay in power.

However, currently there were good tidings for the region as potential investors are now eyeing the county, where modern  hotels are coming up, creating the much need job opportunities for the youth.

The  RC  ordered  Kenya Airport  Authority (KAA) and Kenya Civil Aviation  Authority (KCCA) to market the Isiolo International  Airport  locally and internationally  so  that commodities like miraa, meat, camel milk and flowers can be  exported  directly to the outside world.

He  said  the  government  spent  over Sh.3 billion to construct the facility that would benefit Marsabit, Meru, Laikipia, Garissa, Wajir  and Isiolo Counties and also the neighbouring Country of Ethiopia.

A  Senior  KAA) official, Joseph  Odipo  said that the airport is ready and urged locals to use it  for  betterment of their  lives and future generations.

Odipo  said  the government spent Sh77 million to relocate a local primary school in the airport ground so that the runway was increased by 1.4 kilometres.

By  Abduba  Mamo

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