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Water Company raised alarm over water meter thefts

Homa Bay Water and Sanitation Company (Homawasco) has raised an alarm over rampant water meter thefts in the region.

Homawasco Managing Director Dan Oketch said the trend started in Oyugis and is now spreading to Homa Bay town and surrounding areas. “It has come to our attention that there is a trend that has emerged concerning meter thefts. “We have had several cases in Oyugis, and now the vice is spreading to Homa Bay,” he regretted.

The director asked residents to be vigilant and secure the meters inside locked chambers to avert thefts.

He further urged them to report cases of meter thefts at their offices so that the company can take prompt action against the culprits.

“If a meter is lost, then the supply of water will definitely be disrupted. If you spot anyone selling a meter, please report it at our offices so that we can follow up on the cases and ensure all our consumers are supplied with water,” he added.

Oketch further lamented the destruction of water pipes by road construction authorities, citing a recent incident where contractors contracted by the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) damaged a pipeline while repairing a road around the area of Shauri Yako, disrupting supply for several weeks.

The director, who was speaking at his office, said they broke a 12-inch main pipeline that supplies clear treated water from the lake to the tanks, and hence the company could not supply water to consumers for that period.

The contractors further interfered with the raw water line that channels water from the lake to the Got Asego treatment point.

He retaliated that when the raw water line and the main pipeline are broken, raw water cannot be directed to the treatment point, and at the same time, treated water cannot be distributed to consumers, therefore paralyzing supply.

“Interferences by road authorities are a big crisis because every time there is ongoing road maintenance work, we always face such inconveniences,” he said.

He informed the residents of Makongeni, Kapita, and Got Rabuor areas that by the end of June they will be fully sorted as the company has procured another water tank of 300, 000 litres capacity to complement the existing 100, 000 litres tank, a move that will solve water problems in those areas.

By Sitna Omar

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