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Mandera County water master plan for 2040 unveiled

Mandera County government has started an ambitious water supply plan that will see water supplied in six sub-counties namely Mandera East, Mandera West, Banisa, Mandera North, Lafey, and Mandera South.

Mandera Governor Mohamed Adan Khalif said despite the water shortages facing the region, the first phase of the project will see over 60% of residents access clean water supplies for both domestic and livestock use.

The governor said the master plan will start in Takaba town in Mandera West sub-county as the project rolls to other areas.

The master plan, in which all water infrastructure expansion projects in the area have been anchored, targets to expand the piped water network and sewerage system in Takaba Town, Mandera West Sub, and other parts of the county by 2040.

The project is in partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and will see the semi-arid county develop its own water sources, reducing suffering in many households.

According to Deputy Country Representative for UNICEF, Mr. Mahboob Ahmed, Sh8.58 billion is needed for the completion of the project, which has been designed in five phases.

Phase one of the Takaba-Mandera West water plan will be done by rehabilitating and expanding existing water sources in the county without sinking more boreholes and is expected to end in 2029.

Mandera West has been the hardest hit during the prolonged drought that has been experienced in the past five years before the onset of the current wet season.

By Adan Mohamed

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