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Hyena menace in two villages of Rangwe Sub County

Residents  of  Kamolo and Nyakwadha villages in Kotieno Location of Rangwe Sub County are now living in fear over hyena attacks.

The  residents  complained  that the number of hyenas have increased in the area thus causing a lot of havoc by attacking and killing their  animals.

They  further  said that they have spotted a number of hyenas roaming in the villages attacking and killing their sheep and goats in both daytime  and  nights.

The  residents led  by  Michael  Ogonda have expressed concern that the hyenas has been raiding their homes and killing their livestock, saying that they have lost more than ten sheep in a span of three months in the hands of hyena.

Speaking to KNA, Ogonda said  that  last  week  on Thursday that  the hyena carried out the attack in broad daylight where he had tied the  animas.

He  said  that other  surrounding  villages like Gongo and Naywita have also suffered from the attack, noting they have also lost several livestock  to  the  animals.

On  his part, Isaack Okello lamented that area residents were living in fear following frequent attacks by the wild animals.

They  have appealed to Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) officers in Homa Bay County to intervene and restrain the animals to cushion farmers from further losses.

By  Rachel  Achieng/Davis  Langat

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