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Kajiado families start exhuming bodies to pave way for SGR

Residents  of  Mirisho village, Kajiado County on Tuesday morning started exhuming bodies of their kin to pave way for the construction of  the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

The  locals who woke up as early as 6.00 am to embark on the exercise said they had been forced to undertake the difficult task after the recent  demarcation of the SGR phase two route which passes across several burial spots across the county.

Phase  two construction of the Standard Gauge Railway was expected to be complete by August 2019.

They  said they had to exhume and re-burry their loved ones before the government moved in and forcefully exhumed their bodies without paying the deceased any respect.

Some  family members broke down in tears as they watched the bodies of their kin being exhumed terming the process as tormenting.

Led  by  their Member of Parliament (MP), Joseph Manje, the residents complained that despite demolishing their houses in June last year and moving out of their land, they were yet to receive compensation from the National Land Commission (NLC).

Manje  noted that some families had been following up on compensation for almost two years to no avail and had been rendered homeless since they had to demolish their houses and move elsewhere.

“We  have some families here who have been following up on compensation for the last two years. The project is going on and yet no compensation  is  forthcoming. It is quite unfortunate, the Government should act now without further delay” said the Legislator.

On  June 14, 2019 residents of Nkoroi and Merisho in Ongata Rongai  watched in shock and disbelief as their palatial homes were forcefully  demolished.

They  complained that they had not been given any notice to vacate or paid any compensation so that they could relocate.

However, Manje said the NLC had on Friday last week started compensating landowners who are owed less than Sh.10 million.

“I  am happy people have started receiving their compensation. Those expecting more than Sh.10 million have been promised their pay starting Tuesday this week,” Manje said.

The  MP said around 10 houses with disputes would have to wait until their cases have been dealt with after NLC classified their parcels of  land as disputed, thereby warranting further investigations and fresh valuations.

By  Rop  Janet

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