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KNUT official condemns teachers’ harassment

The  Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) official has raised concern over high increase of teachers’ harassment and political interference in learning institutions in North Rift region.

The KNUT National Council Rift  Valley representative, Martin  Sembelo  pointed out that the politicians and parents in the region were damaging education by attempting to control everything that goes on in learning institutions.

Sembelo, who  is  also  West  Pokot County Knut branch secretary, threatened to remove all affected teachers so the locals could meet the  extra  cost  of  employing  teachers of  their  own.

Speaking  in  his Kapenguria office  on Tuesday, Sembelo singled out schools in Sook area of West Pokot County where several cases of complaints by teachers of being frog marched, saying it was embarrassing for the locals to harass teachers who assist their children.

“We are aware that the inciters are PTA teachers, parents and politicians, and they should stop politicising issues in learning institutions for the purpose of promoting quality education. Let them do their work,” he said.

He  urged parents and politicians to be solution givers rather than being impediments to delivery of quality education.

“They should be solution givers rather than pressing on issues that hampered delivery of quality education. Education should never be politicized. It’s shocking that we don’t have peace in our schools because of wrangles between elected leaders,” he said.

He  said if the vice persists, then the quality of education would be affected negatively, saying KNUT would no longer allow threats and harassment of teachers.

“The board of management and head teachers should be firm and not allow any kind of politics in their jurisdictions. Currently, our schools are understaffed while some people want some teachers to be chased away instead of looking into the solution of adding more,” he said.

Sembelo urged the political leaders to work with all stakeholders in helping to improve education standards in the region.

“If a teacher or head teacher has done a mistake, there is a procedure to follow and intimidation and threats are not allowed. Anyone with complaints on teachers should follow the right channel and forward the complaints to the TSC,” said Sembelo.

By  John  Saina

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