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Illegal IDPs at Kongasis camp in Itare Dam

The  Kuresoi North Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Felix  Watakila on Friday issued a six hour notice to IDPs residing illegally at Kongasis camp in Itare dam land to vacate or risk forceful eviction.

According to Watakila, the hundreds of families living at the camp were a threat to the multi-billion dam project that stalled about a year ago.

He noted that items which included vehicle batteries, fuel and chain link among other items left at the construction site have gone missing and their overstaying at the camp might cause more harm than good and thus they should leave.

Another issue of concern was the deteriorating hygiene conditions at the dam where Watakila said that the IDPs lacked toilets and were disposing waste haphazardly.

“Disposing human waste and any other kind trash in the wrong manner is a health hazard to this population that risks contracting respiratory and waterborne diseases,” noted the DCC.

Additionally, he pointed out that their make-shifts tents were made of plastic bags which is against the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) ban on use of plastic bags.

He further warned rogue politicians against inciting the IDPs on this matter saying that they ought to obey instructions given and vacate the government land or in default, the law would take its cause.

Led by Samuel Rono, the IDPs termed this as unfortunate, saying they were in a dilemma of where to move to because of their children who were preparing for the national examinations set to begin next month.

“The  government has been moving us from one camp to another promising to resettle us but to date, it has not kept its promise,” said Rono.

The  IDPs are urging the government to resettle them and let this issue rest.

On the other hand, the Nakuru County Commissioner (CC), Erastus  Mbui maintained that the IDPs residing illegally on  government land would be evicted to ensure that the land meant for the dam construction was not polluted.

Early this week, IDPs at Songol camp in Kuresoi South had their make-shift tents brought down by police on grounds that they were constructed using plastic bags whose use in the country was banned by NEMA. They were also to look for an alternative place to stay since the government land they were residing on was meant for dam construction.

On this matter, the CC said that the IDPs had been issued with an eviction notice around three months ago but failed to do so and hence they had to be evicted.

By  Emily  Kadzo

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