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The Nakuru County government has prioritized improved sanitation at all markets in a bid to advance cleanliness, well-being of the traders, and the health and hygiene of market goers.

The County’s Trade Chief Officer Samwel Ndegwa said adequate toilet facilities enhance overall sanitation and hygiene in the markets, and it reduces the risk of diseases for the traders and their customers. He was speaking today during the handing-over ceremony at the Kiamaina ward in Bahati Sub-county.

Traders and county officials touring the sanitation

He noted that access to clean and well-maintained toilets provides individuals with dignity and privacy, which is particularly important to women, children, and people with specific needs, ensuring that they can address their basic hygiene needs comfortably.

Additionally, the officer said inadequate sanitation can lead to contamination of food and water sources, posing significant health risks to both vendors and customers. Hence more toilets can help mitigate these risks, ensuring safer food handling and consumption.

While commending the county government, the MCA for the area Paul Waweru said markets are essential economic hubs where people buy and sell goods and services. And, by improving sanitation through more toilets, markets can attract more customers, leading to increased revenue for local businesses and higher tax revenue for the government.

He further said clean and well-maintained markets with adequate toilet facilities can attract tourists, hence boosting the local tourism industry and the overall economy of the county.

The traders lauded the county management for the improved sanitation and promised to maintain proper waste disposal for environmental sustainability. They noted that the facility will also be a source of employment opportunities, especially for area youths who will be managing the toilet as well as the Curio shops.

Proper sanitation management in markets has always been an issue of health concern in the county since most traders spread their goods on the ground and during the rainy season, the entire area becomes inaccessible.

By Veronica Bosibori

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