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Installation of Speaker Muturi as GEMA spokesperson in limbo

Divisions have emerged among kikuyu elders on the planned installation of National Assembly Speaker, Justin Muturi, as Spokesperson of communities within Mount Kenya region.  

A section of members of Kikuyu Council of Elders have vowed to install Muturi as Spokesperson of GEMA communities, saying they have consulted widely on the issue.

The Elders on Thursday, met at Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga Shrine in Murang’a, where the Speaker is expected to be installed as leader of Mount Kenya region.

This comes at a time when another section of elders has resisted the event, saying the shrine is especially for prayers and not for installing political leaders.

The Chairman of the Murang’a branch, Mr. Kiarie Chombou, has said preparations to install Muturi are complete, cautioning those who are against the event not to disrupt the occasion.

He narrated that the decision to pick Muturi as Spokesperson was arrived at after long deliberations between elders from the Kikuyu, Embu and Meru communities.

“We started this process two years ago and we arrived at Muturi who we believe has not been involved with corruption among other criminal activities.

“Elders from Embu and Meru communities requested us from the Kikuyu to install Muturi who will speak on behalf of GEMA communities,” added Kiarie.

He said following political differences among leaders from the region, the communities in Mount Kenya lacked someone who could talk on behalf of the people from the Mount Kenya as region.

“We have our President who is the leader of the nation but on matters of this region we are picking on Muturi, knowing that he will represent the people from East and West of Mount Kenya,” added Kiarire.

The Branch Secretary, Mr. Simon Ngethe, clarified that they are not coronating Muturi but installing him as a Spokesperson.’

Ngethe added that the majority members of the Council of Elders have agreed to pick Muturi as Spokesperson of the region, considering that in about a years’ time the Country will be in electioneering period.

“We consulted the most senior members of the Council and they have given us a green light to install Muturi in this shrine. What we will be doing is not a political event but a blessing which is allowed,” he added.

Members of Kiama-kia-Ma Council of elders who spoke earlier at Ndakaini area said they will not allow the coronation of Muturi at the shrine which is believed to be the origin of the Agikuyu community.

National Chairman of Kiama-kia-Ma, Kigochi Waimeri, said the shrine is a sacred area which should not be turned as an avenue to coronate political leaders warning that those behind the occasion may get cursed after the event.

“I warn Speaker Muturi not to allow himself to be crowned at the shrine. This may bring him curse or a bad incident. They should seek another place for such occasion but not at the shrine,” added Waimeri

Vice Chairman of Kiama-kia- Ma said the region has a Spokesperson who is President Uhuru Kenyatta and there should not be any other person to speak on behalf of the people of the region except the head of the state.

“Currently we don’t need to have another Spokesperson. We have the President as our current leader of the region. People should wait till the President finishes his term,” he noted.

Another group which spoke at Kenol town claimed that they will not allow people at the shrine on Saturday.

The individuals who claimed to be custodian of the shrine said the event was not cleared by the County Government led by Governor, Mwangi wa Iria.

Ng’ang’a Ndundu who is one of the shrine custodians said during that day there is a  contractor is given a task by the County Government to plant grass at the shrine who will be working.

By Bernard Munyao


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