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Isiolo: NGOs under close watch for bias

Isiolo Deputy County Commissioner, Mr. Patrick Musango, has cautioned non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the region to observe impartiality during dispute resolution initiatives.

He, however, warned those found taking sides during peace resolution meetings that they risked being deregistered, adding that the government was keen to see conflicts pitting communities amicably resolved without bias.

Elders attentively listen to contributions of their counterparts and the County security team during a security meeting aimed at eradicating cattle thefts in Isiolo County.

Mr. Musango expressed fears that some NGOs were taking sides and planting seeds of discord among communities under the guise of building peace during meetings they organise so as to continue sourcing in pretence to create harmony amongst them.

He said that the government would not hesitate to deal with the management of such NGOs and their political godfathers where peace and stability are disturbed.

Speaking during a day workshop for Assistant County Commissioners, chiefs and their assistants, and the Council of Elders from diverse ethnic groups in the area, Mr. Musango said that criminals are known to locals, but sometimes the elders and politicians protect them from getting arrested and punished.

The administrator added that some elders who were in the meeting would be arrested since they have been implicated in cattle theft and were keeping stolen animals in their homes despite hiding criminals who are their sons.

The DCC added that some politicians are involved in cattle thefts since they share stolen animals, preach peace with government officers during the day, and plan criminal activities with the suspects at night.

The meeting was sponsored by the Northern Rangeland Trust (NRT) and brought together elders from Borana, Turkana, Somali, Meru, and Samburu communities.

Mr. Musango said that all crime loopholes would be sealed and warned influential politicians, civil servants, and other stakeholders that the government would firmly deal with criminals and those supporting them.

He directed chiefs to attend all meetings organised by NGOs and stakeholders and write true reports of their activities and how their actions impact the communities.

A former administration Police Officer, Mr. Hassan Isack, accused the security team of not responding to reports presented to them by security scouts in the villages on time and giving criminals time to escape with stolen animals.

Mr. Isack said illegal firearms in the wrong hands were attributed to increasing cases of insecurity and loss of lives and appealed to the Interior Cabinet Secretary, Prof. Kithure Kindiki, to commence a security operation to mop up the weapons in Isiolo, Meru, and Laikipia.

By Abduba Mamo

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