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Jobless youths urged to venture into small scale farming

Jobless youths in Kisii County have been urged to venture into small scale farming in a bid to sustain themselves during the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking on Monday at Nyanchwa area in Kitutu Central Sub County during a poultry farming supervisory exercise, a Private Veterinary consultant, Ben Omari said it was time youth utilized any land available to do small scale farming and graduate into large scale when opportunity avails itself.

Omari said impact of Covid-19 including loss of jobs and reduced pay had compounded challenges of youth in the highly populated area with small land holdings.

However, he noted that the little income from bananas, vegetables and poultry farming could sustain many youths with basic needs, including paying dowry for their wives.

Omari said poultry farming already picking in the region because of high demand with low supply for the products

He said some have started with fewer than 50 birds although others were able to do 5,000 after a short duration.

According Beatrice Kerubo, poultry farming was a good business but quite demanding as one had to stay around.

Kerubo described poultry farming as a delicate venture because one can lose all birds to an illness if immediate detection and intervention is not taken.

The mother of triplets explained she quit her hardware business for poultry in May this year, adding it is important to consult experts even on small scale farming so as to reap maximum benefits from the venture.

A banana farmer, Zachariah Nyaribo of Ibeno Ward in Nyaribari Chache appealed to the county government to hasten in completing construction of a banana factory at the Agricultural Training Centre to give small scale farmers advantage of value addition to their produce.

The father of three explained he earns between Sh.20,000 and Sh.25,000 per month from his one-acre banana farm which has helped him meet basic needs for his young family.

His wife, Risper Nyaribo applauded the small scale banana farm, saying she saw its importance when it paid her dowry price.

Omari appealed to youth to form groups and benefit from grants by the government like youth enterprise funds among others grants.

By  Clinton Nyamumbo/Jane Naitore

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