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Judiciary to merge case tracking system with DPP’s Uadilifu

The ODPP Uadilifu case management system and judiciary case tracking system will be integrated to create a one-stop shop platform for case filling geared towards an enhanced delivery of justice.

Chief Justice Martha Koome and DPP Noordin Haji are scheduled to launch the integration of the ODPP’s Uadilifu case management system and the judiciary’s E-filing system in Mombasa today, Friday.

The new system will enable prosecutors to use the ODPP Uadilifu case management system to file documents such as charge sheets, submissions, replying affidavits and preliminary objections into the Judiciary’s e-Filing Management System.

The new system will see police files being scanned at the ODPP’s central case filing registry and uploaded on the uadilifu portal, which will in turn generate a unique number for each police file.

Police officers will be issued with the unique numbers for the case they have brought to ODPP offices for approval before taking suspects to court.

The scanned data will immediately be reflected on the judiciary e-filing system, which will in turn create electronic case numbers for the prosecution cases.

Under the new electronic system, police officers and accused persons will be able to track the progress of cases in court electronically.

The new system will allow frequent uploading of additional documentation emanating from court proceedings such as rulings and judgments.

Assistant DPP and Deputy Chief of Staff, ADPP Irene Maina noted that the new system will address challenges of missing police files and delays of the prosecution cases and tampering with files.

“In case a police file is not available, the prosecution counsels will be able to access the scanned file in our system and proceed with the case,” Maina added.

She added that the ODPP e-filing module which is part of the Uadilifu Case Management System and has been in operation since August 2020 will help enhance organizational efficiency and access to justice.

She added that the integration of the ODPP and Judiciary E-filing Management System will increase efficiency and transparency whereby members of the public will easily track the progress of their case, as messages can be sent to their phones notifying them of the next mention and hearing dates.

By Sadik Hassan and Andrew Hinga

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