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Kajiado County embarks on livestock vaccination exercise

Livestock farmers in Kajiado County have been urged to avail their cattle, sheep and goats for vaccination against trans-boundary diseases which are common in the area.

The  Kajiado  Governor  Joseph Ole Lenku while launching the vaccination drive in Maili 46 Iloodokilani Ward, Kajiado West Sub County, revealed that the County’s Department of Livestock Development had embarked on a massive programme to vaccinate more than 800,000 livestock against trans-boundary diseases.

The one month drive will see 400,000 head of cattle against Foot and Mouth Disease, Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) and  Rift  Valley Fever. A further 400,000 sheep and goats will be vaccinated against Blue Tongue disease.

“I encourage our livestock farmers to avail their livestock for vaccinations against Foot and Mouth, Rift Valley fever and Blue tongue diseases. We are targeting 800,000 livestock in the county,” he said.

Ole Lenku said the risk of the diseases has been heightened by increased movement of livestock between Kajiado and Narok Counties as well as across the Sub Counties.

The  Cross  border livestock trade between Kajiado County and Tanzania also poses a danger in the spread of livestock diseases.

The Agriculture and Livestock Development Chief Officer, Moses Murunya said Kajiado East, Kajiado South and Kajiado Central Sub Counties will be covered. So far 75,000 livestock have been vaccinated against the disease.

He attributed uncontrolled livestock movement and low vaccination coverage to the rapid spread of livestock diseases.

The  County Director of  Veterinary Services, Jackton  Achola cautioned members of the public to be wary of the livestock diseases and avoid eating meat that has not been inspected by health officials since most livestock diseases are deadly to human life.

“I am appealing to locals to be careful and avoid eating uninspected meat especially during traditional ceremonies as foot and mouth disease is deadly to humans,” he said.

He said his officers have mapped out all areas across the county prone to the disease and they will ensure that all
livestock get vaccinated.

“We have not had any reported cases of livestock diseases as of now. There is no outbreak of Foot and Mouth or Rift  Valley Fever. This is something we do repeatedly as an anticipatory measures” he said.

An  outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease in Kajiado County was reported in Il Bissil in March 2019 with a few cattle
succumbing to the disease.

Foot  and  mouth disease is a highly contagious viral disease that affects cattle, sheep, goats and other cloven hoofed animals.

It  is a viral disease that has no cure but one that can be prevented through vaccination.

The disease is endemic in Kenya and therefore the huge livestock resource can only be protected by vaccination.

Symptoms include fever, blisters in the mouth and in the feet, drop in milk production, weight loss, loss of appetite and cows may develop blisters on teats. It may also result in lameness.

By  Rop  Janet

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