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Kang’ata castigates Senators opposing the third basis revenue sharing formula

The  Murang’a Senator, Irungu Kang’ata has said senators opposing the third basis revenue sharing formula are anti-Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Kang’ata  on Saturday  said he will mobilize other Senators to reject the BBI report if the new revenue sharing formula based on population will not sail through on Tuesday when the House convenes.

Speaking  when he distributed relief food to residents of Kiamara area of Kangema sub county, the Senate Majority Whip observed that senators from North Eastern and coast regions should not pretend to support BBI yet they are against the formula which will see revenue be shared based on one man one shilling.

Last week, senators once again failed to reach consensus on how counties will get funds in this year’s financial year, something which has left devolved units financially starved.

Kang’ata said he will object to BBI if the senators against the new formula will not accept to change their tune on Tuesday and allow the funds to be shared in accordance with the population.

If the new revenue sharing formula developed by the Commission of Revenue Allocation (CRA) sails through, counties with small populations will get reduced funds compared to what they got last financial year.

“On Tuesday if the senate will adopt the third-generation revenue sharing formula, then we will reject the BBI. This is because BBI advocates revenue to be shared in accordance with population,” he added.

Kang’ata  stressed that on Tuesday a solution must be attained to ensure counties get their funds as they are currently facing a financial crisis.

The  Senator had earlier proposed the new formula can be passed, but be delayed for one year before being implemented.

Senators, especially from counties with less population and particularly those from Northern Kenya are objecting to the new formula, saying the move will see their counties get less resources as compared to past years.

If  the proposed revenue sharing formula sails through, counties with a big population, for example, Central region and Nairobi City County will get large amounts of funds.

The implication of the new formula is that counties which have been receiving higher allocation based on poverty level and big landmass, will receive less.

In  2020/2021 financial year, Sh. 316.5 billion has been allocated to counties. Governors in a recent press conference decried challenges faced by devolved units due to lack of funds.

The  governors argued that due to delayed disbursement, the fight against Covid-19 will be frustrated.

By  Bernard Munyao

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