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Kazi Mtaani in Nyamira County starts in earnest

The Nyamira County Commissioner, Amos Mariba, doing a demonstration of garbage collection at Nyabite Market, while officiating start of Kazi Mtaani programme in Nyamira County  on Tuesday July 14, 2020. Photo by KNA.
Some of the youth who have been recruited to Kazi Mtaani in Nyamira and behind them in reflector jackets are supervisors of Kazi Mtaani. Photo by KNA.

The  social protection programme initiated by the President Uhuru Kenyatta to cushion the youth against the negative effects of Covid-19 has started in earnest in Nyamira County.

Officiating over start of the programme on Tuesday at Nyabite Market, the Nyamira County Commissioner (CC), Amos  Mariba urged the youths to exercise discipline while undertaking the work, saying it will go a long way to empower them economically.

“Enrollment to Kazi Mtaani as vulnerable youth who have adversely been affected by Coronavirus, it is a great privilege which must be taken seriously and done diligently to facelift our county’s public place and institutions at the same time improving your livelihood,” he said.

“We shall not tolerate any form of indiscipline incidences like disrespecting supervisors, coming to work without proper protective gears and tools, reporting to work at will or laziness while at work, such will automatically terminate you from the job for all we want is execution of quality work.” Mariba warned.

He further hinted that delayed payments should not cause any alarm or panic so long as they have been captured to have worked and promised that his office and administrators are willing to solve any conflicts or misunderstandings which may arise while on duty.

The Nyamira Municipality Manager, Jack Mogusu, said he was grateful to the President’s initiative which will now ensure that the manual work done by the youth will reclaim markets and public places and attract more investors to the newly created municipality.

Nyamira County recruited a total of 2,553 vulnerable youths who will mainly be engaged in manual work in public places and institutions for a period of six and half months.

By Deborah Bochere

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