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Sunkuli ask County Governments to use Corona Virus funds wisely

The  Narok County Commissioner, Samuel Kimiti plant a tree during the launch of Kazi Mtaani at Masikonde Primary School in Narok North Sub County on Monday July 13, 2020. Photo by KNA.

The  Devolution Principal Secretary (PS), Charles Sunkuli has called on the County governments to use money allocated to fight Corona Virus wisely in a manner that boosts the livelihood of the residents.

Sunkuli who spoke during the launch of Kazi Mtaani programme held at Masikonde Primary school in Narok North Sub County on Monday said the government had released Sh. 1.4 billion to the counties to help in fighting the novel virus.

The  PS  said  Narok County had been allocated Sh. 266 million to fight the disease that is expected to boost the bed capacity in the county and ensure all the residents get the required health care.

“Recently we gave Sh. 1.4 billion to the National government that was given by the World Bank so as to avert the spread of Corona virus. We expect the counties to manage the money wisely so as to benefit wananchi,” said PS Sunkuli.

The  launch saw over 3000 youths from the county benefiting where each youth will get Sh. 455 per day while their supervisors get Sh. 500.

Sunkuli  asked the beneficiaries to use the monies wisely to benefit their families in a bid to boost the economy of the county.

At  the same time, the Narok County Commissioner (CC), Samuel Kimiti said eight slums from the county had benefited from the programme, saying the beneficiaries will be working eight hours per day.

The beneficiaries will be doing manual jobs to clean the environment like planting trees and upgrading the town.

Kimiti said the youths were selected through the Nyumba Kumi elders  who identified the most vulnerable families in the slums that were given the first priority.

The job, he said will keep the youths engaged so as not to engage in unproductive activities like drug abuse.

“We will try our best to be the top in our country. The selected youths should know that this is an opportunity the government has given them to give back to the society and be serious to deliver,” said the commissioner.

At the same time, the CC asked the residents to be more vigilant in protecting themselves against Corona virus by following the guidelines put by the Ministry of Health.

He said already one person had been reported dead due to the virus and 27 put in isolation after they had been confirmed to have been infected by the deadly disease.

The event was also attended by an official from the Presidential Delivery Unit, Ms. Khadija Mohamed and county government representatives.

By  Ann Salaton

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