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KCPE candidates accommodated by good Samaritans

Just a few hours before the commencement of the KCPE examination in Kirinyaga County, 130 candidates have been moved and accommodated by various families after foot bridges connecting their homes were swept away.

Gacuria Mwoyo and Kiumbu bridges which were at various sections of Nyamindi River  were swept away last week forcing school children to abandon classes.

As an emergency measure, the Mwea MP, Kabinga Wachira and both the County and National Governments have organized accommodation for the 130 affected candidates with the various families at the South Ngariama Ranching scheme.

Families have agreed to accommodate the candidates up to this Friday when the examination ends with Wachira commending them for the gesture.

“Due to the flooded river and its high velocity, we cannot be able to construct any of the swept away foot bridges and the only way out was to seek for accommodation for these candidates,” Wachira said.

The affected schools are Miatuni, Ikurungu and Itangi where the candidates could not access due to the heavy rains which have caused the river to swell.

As for Itangi primary school, a nearby seasonal river has burst its banks cutting off communication from the other side where the facility is located.

Miatuni primary school has 30 candidates, Ikurungu 50 while Itangi also has 50 who have all been accommodated within the neighbourhood of their respective schools by good Samaritans, according to the Legislator.

Wachira assured the parents of the affected children that some money has been set aside from the disaster management kit to build permanent bridges once the rains subsided and have the problem solved once and for all.

At the same time, rehearsals for the examination were successfully conducted with the candidates exuding confidence they would make it.

At  Shirikisho Mwea Academy, 13 year old Nexus Kariuki just like his 20 colleagues said he was prepared for the examination.

“Am ready for the examination since we have been properly taken through the syllabus by our teachers and this will be proved by our good performance when the results are released by this Christmas,” the candidate said.

According to the County Director of Education, Abdi  Kadir, all the 4, 000 candidates in the area were ready for the examination.

By  Irungu  Mwangi

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