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Kerio Valley leaders urged to advocate peace

Elgeyo Marakwet Governor Alex Tolgos has called on leaders in Elgeyo Marakwet, West Pokot and Baringo counties to seek for lasting peace in the region.

The governor said it was time that leaders sat together and sought peace saying it was sad that leaders are always the first to condemn any incident of insecurity in the region adding they should rise above just condemning and lead in peace activities.

Tolgos said the insecurity was no longer a traditional matter saying traditionally, firearms were kept in safe custody by elders who only released them when there was need but currently the youths are in charge which has resulted to indiscriminate killing of innocent lives.

“The youths no longer respect the elderly and will kill at the slightest provocation. Recently two chiefs from both the Marakwet and Baringo counties lost their properties after irate youths burnt their houses for calling for peace,” the governor said.

He was speaking Monday during a funeral ceremony for the late Benjamin Sum, an Agricultural Officer working with the county government who was killed by criminals last week.

Tolgos said most of the killings have come as a result of delayed action by the government to see that those who lose their loved ones are compensated saying most of the attacks are motivated by revenge.

The Deputy Governor Wesley Rotich said traditional cattle rustling activities had evolved into a major business activity where the stolen livestock is sold as far as Nairobi.

He said there were beneficiaries who were ensuring that killings continue which in turn raise tension between the communities and as the tension rises they get away with the cattle.

“The beneficiaries will send one person to come and kill from either of the community and as we blame one another they steal our livestock,” he said.

By Alice Wanjiru and Walter Kibet

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