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Kiambu Civil Servants Urged to take Covid Jab

Kiambu Deputy County Commissioner has advised civil servants working in the region to go for the vaccination to Protect themselves from the deadly virus.

Mr. Macharia said it was for their own good to take up the inoculation exercise being offered by the Government so that they can continue to work and serve the public without unnecessary fear of contracting coronavirus disease.

“This thing is real and it is important that people go for the vaccine without hesitating especially those who were in the vulnerable category that have been exempted from working from the office” he noted.

The DCC said it was everyone’s choice to opt to present themselves for the vaccine at respective health centres and that nobody is going to force the vaccine onto anyone. “It is a free precautionary health service that people should appreciate the Government by coming out in large numbers” he noted.

The Deputy County commissioner made these remarks yesterday at the Kiambu Level 5 hospital when he led officers working in his office to get vaccinated.Mr.Macharia who also received his dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine cautioned those spreading malicious rumours against vaccine that they stood to lose out on an initiative by the Government to protect her people through the vaccine.

Mr. Macharia compared the jab with other drugs that were being given to patients in hospitals saying they had different side effects on people. He explained that some people got a slight headache while others scratched abit when others felt nausea and just because of such reactions which were normal, there was no need of fearing to get vaccinated.

He also reminded the civil servants that they were role models in the society and should therefore be in the forefront of being the initial pioneers so that they can encourage those who lived with them in the villages to volunteer themselves for the jab.

As he made the remarks, Engineer Joseph Mbugua of Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KERRA) in Kiambu County presented himself accompanied with his wife for the jab. Engineer Mbugua told his colleagues to encourage their spouses to present themselves for the jab so that they are not exposed.

A fortnight ago, officers working in the department of Housing in Kiambu fell ill and the dire situation compelled the offices to be closed down but they are now on the path to recovery. Closure of the Kiambu Treasury followed suit when two officers who handled a lot of paperwork also fell ill and had to be isolated for treatment.

In an effort to ensure total protection of offices, Kiambu Judiciary and the County Commissioner’s offices have outlawed receiving of any physical documents to their offices and everyone who requires service are directed to send them on-line.

By Lydia Shiloya

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