Kiambu residents urged to cooperate with law enforcement

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At least 20 percent of crimes committed in Kiambu Sub County goes unreported for fear of reprisal and social taboo attached to protection of individual reputation before the eyes of the general public.

Kiambu Deputy County Commissioner Titus Macharia expressed fears that the community opted to shield offenders of domestic violence, assault and even man slaughter because of the stigma attached to how the public will take you after coming out.

He however encouraged residents to break away from the norm and come out bold through corporation with the police by volunteering any information on crimes to aide in criminal intelligence.

“Without delay the victim should find his/her way to the police station and report a crime as soon as possible, because it is not always possible to get hold of the offenders if information is withheld from the police,’’ Macharia explained.

He highlighted that hoax threats are rampant and normally disrupt actual ongoing investigations by diverting officers and also putting first responders in unnecessary danger including severe distress.

“We are committed to providing quality police service by upholding the rule of law, creating and maintaining strong partnerships for a conducive social, economic and political development of Kiambu and the nation as a whole,” he said.

The Commissioner refuted claims that there was laxity in the police response when it comes to crime despite some residents saying their reportage of crime or even domestic violence was not acted upon by the police.

Joyce Wamaitha 43, a resident of Kiambu County told KNA that victims of domestic violence especially women saying reporting a case to the police is like a waste of time because they are slow in responding and if they do respond, they take long in putting away offenders and that risking the victims’ lives

“This kind of situation gives the perpetrators of these crimes time to flee or continue their crimes and actions without being remanded”, she said.

In a recent report by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics released this week found that Nairobi, Kiambu and Meru counties were among the leading counties with the highest crime rates at 8,512, 7,844 and 5,698 respectively.

By Steve Biko

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