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Kindiki puts Malaba customs officials on notice

Interior CS Kithure Kindiki has vowed to improve services at Busia and Malaba One-Stop Border Posts (OSBP) by cleaning up the offices in an effort to eradicate corruption and boost revenue collection at the East African gateway.

Speaking at Amukura during the official opening of Administration units within Teso North and Teso South, CS Kindiki put corrupt officers at the border on notice to either offer quality or satisfactory services or pave the way for better persons.

“Rogue officers at the customs department have immensely contributed to Kenyans opting to use unauthorized roads rather than just passing through the customs to get right services and clearing of goods. Such practices have robbed the economy billions (of shillings),” said the CS.

Kindiki added that, the Immigration, KRA and KEBS department have been taken hostage by a few cartels who have corrupted the entire system causing unnecessary traffic snarl-ups on roads leading to Malaba and Busia border points, thus slowing down economic progress of the town.

At the same time, the CS put rogue police and local administration officers on notice for insecurity cases in the county warning them against exploiting Kenyans who seek government services.

“We won’t allow a few police officers or chiefs to tarnish the good work in the security department, all officers took an oath to give services and protect our people. That remains your primary obligation,” warned CS Kidiki.

Teso North DCC office that was officially launched by CS Kindiki

His sentiment came after Teso North MP Oku Kaunya raised concern on the rise of insecurity within Busia County with boda-boda operators being the main target.

“We have lost over 10 bodaboda operators within Busia County in the past two months, the rate at which criminal gangs have taken hostage of the county need to be addressed with immediate effect,” said Kaunya.

Busia Deputy Governor Arthur Odera, on the other hand, said the only way to curb the insecurity in the border county is by engaging the youths in economic stimulus programmes to empower them economically.

“Engaging the youths to be part of the working economy is the only way through which we can affirm security at the border. We must secure lives by securing livelihood in either empowering youths through SMEs or Agriculture,” said DG Odera.

While responding to the call, CS Kindiki directed the regional commissioner and County Commissioner to weed out all illegal groups operating within Busia County starting with the famous jobless group, Ojamii boys, Bulanda boys, Wararusi, Wagumu and Kapendo.

“There is no room for negotiation with criminal gangs who are terrorizing residents, it doesn’t matter if you are sponsored by politicians and wealthy businessmen in collaboration with corrupt Government officials for their selfish gains, and political mileage,” noted Kindiki.

The CS took the opportunity to make changes in the administration unity by transferring DCC of Nambale to Busia Sub County as the one at Busia Sub County moved to Nambale.

Kindiki also officially opened the new Teso Central Sub County headquarters at Amukura in Teso south constituency, Kamolo and Changara Division in Teso North Constituency.

Teso South MP Mary Emase lauded the CS for increasing administration units to ensure services are at the heart of citizens.

“This is a brilliant move by the Ministry of Interior to ensure all citizens get services at the right time,” said Emase.

She challenged the CS to enlist village elders to help them benefit even as they dedicate themselves to serving the government.

By Absalom Namwalo

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