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Kirinyaga leaders resolve to support the BBI proposals

Politicians coming outside Kirinyaga County should respect its elected leadership and consult before holding political meetings, local leaders have cautioned.
Area Kanu top leadership and other pressure groups told off politicians going to the County to ‘mislead and misinterpret’ the BBI.
Led by its Chairman John Gathungu, the party claimed a certain politician had sneaked into the county over the weekend and held a series of meetings without notifying either the Governor or other elected leaders.

KANU party officials in a meeting where they want politicians from outside Kirinyaga to keep of the county claiming they are misleading the public on the BBI proposals

“Such politicians should keep off from our county and leave us alone to run our own show over the BBI since we have our able leadership which can navigate the BBI process without the un-called for external interference,” Kathangu said.
Speaking at a Kutus town hotel, the party said the secret visits into the area by outsiders was tantamount to undermining governor Anne Waiguru and other local elected leaders.
Area party spokesman Sammy Kanyuira said intruders from other counties should respect the local elected leadership by notifying them that they would be coming over.
He said such politicians were targeting  vulnerable youths and women to further their hidden agenda under the guise of spearheading the BBI.
“We have our able governor who can choose amongst us who to champion the cause of the BBI but not outsiders who are not versed with the local political terrain,” he said.
Other area pressure groups led by Coretta Wambura told off the likes of Maina Kamanda who allegedly sneaked into the area over the weekend and met some women groups under the pretext that he was championing the BBI.
“We expect our governor to roll out a crash programme on civic education on the BBI within the county and until this is done, outsiders are unwelcome and should leave us alone,” Wambura warned.
Local youth groups also expressed similar sentiments and urged the county government to move with speed and launch a massive civic education programme to popularise the BBI.

By Irungu Mwangi

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