Kitui County launches mobile cancer screening clinic

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The County Government of Kitui has launched a mobile cancer clinic that will intensify the screening of breast and cervical cancer among women.

The clinic will also enhance the cervical cancer vaccination agenda that has been spearheaded by the Ministry of Health to eradicate the disease.

Speaking to KNA while launching the mobile cancer clinic at Kabati in Kitui West Constituency, County Executive Committee Member (CECM), Dr Winnie Kitetu, said the clinic will extend to all 40 wards across the County.

Kitetu added that the government is investing in early screening since the disease can be treated when diagnosed during early stages.

“We have brought this mobile clinic to ensure that all the women undergo cancer screening for free and we will be very confident to ensure that if cancer is detected you get treated as soon as possible,” Kitetu said.

Kitetu urged women to turn out in large numbers for the screening cautioning them that the disease has claimed the lives of over 270,000 women countrywide.

She further stated that the cruel disease has affected over one million women across the country leaving families in critical financial situations.

“It’s time we up our game in dealing with this chronic disease. If it’s diagnosed early enough then the process will be simplified and we can all overcome it,” Kitetu added.

Kitetu said the government will stage vaccination centers in shopping hubs, learning institutions and religious institutions to increase uptake of cervical cancer vaccines.

In addition, the CECM urged residents to go for the Covid-19 vaccinations which are available in all government hospitals and health facilities across the county.

The top government official confirmed that only 128,000 people have received Covid vaccines, with the government targeting over 600,000 people.

“We have a lot of vaccines in our county and people have no reasons not to take them. The only way to defeat the pandemic is through vaccines,” Kitetu noted.

Kitetu dismissed claims that the Covid-19 vaccine has adverse effects, saying scientific research has proved that the vaccines are safe.

By Yobesh Onwong’a and Diana Syong’ombe

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