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Kwale commits senior county staff into performance contracting

Kwale Governor Fatuma Achani has challenged public servants to be diligent and more committed in discharging their duties and be catalysts of change in the county.

Governor Achani has charged county staff to recommit to efficient serve delivery for the benefit of the citizenry.

Achani said public servants must ensure timely delivery of projects to the communities in order to compliment the county government’s timely disbursement of project’s funds.

“We affirm the commitment to serving the people of Kwale with diligence, by making sure that our performance and service delivery is robust, effective and driven by responsible, transparent and accountable use of public resources” she said.

She urged public office holders to put the interest and progress of the county above personal selfish gains.

Achani says public service workers should at all times strive to make a difference in the communities and the people they serve.

The Governor warned that prudent utilisation of resources meant to achieve the county government’s socio-economic objectives cannot be compromised.

“County staff must be hardworking and serve the people diligently in order to increase productivity,” she said.

She added ‘as public service workers you also have a social duty to serve the county and its residents diligently’.

Achani further urged the county workers to be diligent and to ensure effective service delivery adding that the county will reward civil servants found to be diligent, loyal and committed to their duties.

She said this while presiding over the signing of performance contracts by County Secretary, County Attorney, County Executive Committee Members (CEC) and Chief Officers, at the Kwale Cultural Centre.

Achani says the performance contracts are instrumental in optimising service delivery to the people, by ensuring that the CEC Members and Chief Officers adapt a servant leadership mode of service rendering in order to fulfill the county’s development agenda.

She says performance contracting for individuals and county institutions can improve public service delivery.

She said the support of county staff and their contributions to the success of her administration could not be over-emphasised.

Achani underscored her administration’s commitment to staff welfare, promising that the devolved unit would not relent in improving their welfare by providing a conducive work environment.

She said the coastal county would be better for all if public service workers diligently carry out their responsibilities.

By Hussein Abdullahi


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