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Kwale launches community libraries to boost learning and reading culture

As part of efforts to boost learning, research and reading culture, Kwale county government is operationalizing community libraries and ICT centers across the sub counties.

Area Governor Fatuma Achani says that the initiative was aimed at promoting learning and reading culture as well as the acquisition of literacy and digital skills, especially among youths.

Achani says the community libraries are aimed at promoting literacy, education, and lifelong learning among the citizenry.

The Governor has urged residents to take advantage of the new community libraries to broaden their knowledge.

She says as gateways to information, knowledge and culture, libraries could play a fundamental role in the coastal county.

She also emphasized the importance of reading in fostering critical thinking, creativity, and personal growth, and urged the public to take advantage of the library’s resources and services to further empower their capabilities.

Achani was speaking at the commissioning of a new public library at the Kwale cultural centre in Kwale town.

She says the library, which is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and a vast collection of books, was expected to serve as a hub for learning, research, and community engagement.

The county boss says the community libraries which are funded by the county government through the Department of Social Services and Talent Management features a spacious reading room, a children’s section and a technology center.

“Inculcating a culture of reading amongst our children, youths and Kwale residents at large is crucial to improving literacy and the quality of life in our community,” she said.

She went further “this library project is among other community library projects that are aimed at growing a competent society that can effectively contribute to the county’s development agenda”.

The opening of the libraries were warmly received by the public, who expressed their gratitude to the governor and other stakeholders for their vision and commitment to improving the quality of life in the community.

Many residents noted that the libraries would provide a safe and welcoming space for people of all ages and backgrounds to access knowledge, explore new ideas, and connect with others who share their interests.

Achani was accompanied by the County Executive for Social Services and Talent M Management Mrs. Francisca Kilonzo.

The Governor said the department of social services has built five libraries so far in the six sub-counties of Kwale.

She says that the facilities at the community libraries were equipped with ICT services which provided unlimited access to information and knowledge.

The Governor reiterated the devolved government’s commitment to having an educated and literate population through ensuring access to general knowledge.

Achani says that she wants to be known for her desire to promote reading habits amongst the population and that the libraries will serve as a repository of knowledge and information to the people of Kwale.

Mrs. Kilonzo said the community libraries were meant to encourage residents to read and carry out research and that the devolved unit was committed to ensuring the longevity of the projects.

By Hussein Abdullahi

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