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Laikipia County embarks on reduction of ballooning wage bill

Laikipia County government has embarked on reduction of its ballooning wage bill due to a bloated workforce.

Governor Ndiritu Muriithi said that the current wage bill that stood at Sh. 2.7 billion annually was untenable and was eating into development budget of the county.

“Our current wage bill stands at 55 per cent of the county budget and according to best management practices it should not go beyond 35 per cent of local funds,” Muriithi said.

Speaking on Wednesday at his Nanyuki office after chairing a consultative meeting with Members of the local County Assembly, the governor allayed fears that reduction of the wage bill would result to job losses, but added that his government would embark on rationalization of wages of all job cadres as well as reducing luxuries.

“We shall also embark on job enrichment to ensure our workforce is motivated and thus more productive and empowered,” the governor added.

Muriithi further said that other measures they would employ would be to stop salaries for employees who go for study leave as well as embark on weeding out ghost workers.

He revealed that over 40 doctors from the county were currently on study leave and drawing salaries from his administration but offering no services.

“Some of these doctors have been on study leave for nearly four years yet they are on our payroll. We shall have to think critically over the issue since our focus is geared towards service delivery,” the governor said.

He further revealed that revenue collection for the county had increased with a 41 per cent margin in the last six months and attributed it to automation of tax collection that has sealed loopholes in his government.

By  Martin  Munyi

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