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Laikipia mothers encouraged to deliver in hospitals to avoid complications

Expectant women in Laikipia County have been urged to ensure that they deliver in hospitals to avoid birth-related complications.

The area Deputy Governor John Mwaniki said that the county government was encouraging women groups in the area to take the lead in making sure that the fellow expectant mothers deliver in hospitals.

Speaking in Waso trading centre in Mukogodo west ward Saturday, where he met women from Chui group, Mwaniki assured that all health facilities in the area were well equipped to handle deliveries and any related complications should they arise.

This is after the Laikipia County Government came up with an incentive of a goat for every mother who delivers at any health facility in Laikipia North Sub County.

Cases of expectant mothers developing complications during and after delivery are rife in Laikipia North as most mothers prefer delivering at home with little or no medical assistance.

The deputy governor added that the gift will also extend to the women who take the initiative of taking their colleagues to hospital and this will include traditional birth attendants.

“Though there is the problem with mobility in the rural Laikipia North, the county has also employed community health workers and volunteers who are supposed to have data of expectant mothers within their locality with expected dates of delivery to facilitate their access to health centers,” said Mwaniki

He said that many infants from the region had complication for lack of the proper care during birth and this should be averted if the campaign is taken to the doorsteps.

The call was also directed to men who are the heads of the family who were called to assist end retrogressive cultures that derail government agendas among the pastoralists.

Chui Women Group founder that has over 300 women Modesta Ellie said that they welcome the move and they will make sure that even other mothers get attended in hospitals.

Ellie called on the county government to also provide ambulances near the major shopping centers that can be called up during emergencies.

“We as women are the most affected when we deliver children with complications and we will be making sure that all the expectant mothers not only deliver in hospitals but they are attending the pre-natal clinics,” she noted

By Martin Munyi


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