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Landslides Looms during heavy rains

Residents of Murang’a living along steep terrains have been cautioned to be on the lookout for possible landslides as the county is expected to receive enhanced rainfall.
In the current long rains, some parts of the county are expected to receive more than 1, 000 millimeters of rain which may trigger mudslides.
The County Director of Meteorology Mr. Paul Murage has said the current weather forecast has indicated the county will receive enhanced rains where the month of April will be peak of the long rains.
Onset of the rains he added happened in March and farmers should embark on planting of crops before it is late.
Murage noted that last season the county received a lot of rains and thus soils are still saturated and more rains may trigger landslides.
“Last season despite the county receiving enhanced rains, we did not lose any live. Property of unknown value were destroyed in various areas by mudslides. This time we urge residents to be on the lookout for any possibility of landslides and take necessary precautions,” Murage told KNA through phone call.
Murang’a County in the past has witnessed several landslides which sometimes led to lose of lives and displacement of families.
Earth cracks were witnessed in parts of Kangema and Mathioya sub counties with Murage saying little rains can trigger landslides in those areas.
He said waterborne diseases may affect residents living in lower parts of the county including Maragua and some parts of Kandara where water tables are high.
“During the rainy season, residents are advised to drink treated or boiled water to avoid contracting diseases,” he added.
Meanwhile the county government commenced exercise of giving farmers maize seeds as they prepare to plant during the current rain season.
The County Executive for Agriculture Mr. Albert Mwaniki has said the county officials are forced to take the seeds at doorsteps of farmers of who have registered.
“During other years, we usually distribute maize seeds at chiefs’ offices or other public premises but due to coronavirus threat, we have organised for seeds to be delivered at individual doorsteps in effort to maintain social distance,” he explained through a public notice.
The certified seeds have enabled the county to increase maize yields in the past years as reliance of relief foods minimised.
Farmers have been requested to work on their farms at this time people are encouraged to remain in their homes as the government enforces various raft measures to combat spread of coronavirus.

By Bernard Munyao

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