Leaders differ over possible easing of Covid-19 restrictions

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The  question as to whether the government should or should not ease restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of Covid-19 has elicited mixed reactions in Kilifi County.

While a section of leaders favour a total lockdown of all counties across the country, another supports easing of the restrictions to unlock the economy.

Malindi politician, Philip Charo supports the idea of re-opening the economy by removing some of the restrictions and urges Kenyans to inculcate discipline among themselves with a view to keeping the contagion at bay.

“The solution to the dreaded pandemic, which health experts have said will be with us for a long time, is for all Kenyans to observe the Ministry of Health directives and protocols such as washing of hands with soap, sanitizing, wearing face masks and avoiding large crowds,” he told journalists in Malindi town Tuesday.

Charo who unsuccessfully contested for the Malindi Parliamentary seat in 2017, said a total lockdown would not assure Kenyans of safety from the pandemic since people had continued to flout regulations in those counties under cessation.

“We have seen people sneaking in and out of counties that have been placed on partial lockdown, and I do not think a complete lockdown would be a guarantee that people will be more disciplined,” he said.

He however, urged the government to continue with its mass testing campaigns in the country with a view to identifying those already affected and taking appropriate measures to stop further spread.

However, a youth leader from Kaloleni Sub County, Joseph Gona, called on the government to impose stricter restrictions even in counties that have not reported any cases of Coronavirus.

Gona urged governors to close their respective counties’ borders to prevent persons from entering or going out so that the regions remain Covid-19 free.

“We should not wait until all counties have reported the pandemic. We can stop this by closing the borders of all counties so that the government can concentrate on those that have already reported cases,” he told KNA in Malindi on  Tuesday.

On the impending re-opening of schools, Gona urged the government to do so gradually starting with Standard Eight and Form Four candidates.

He suggested that all students in the two categories and their teachers be put in quarantine for 14 days within their localities and be tested for Corona virus before being ferried to their respective schools using fumigated school buses.

“When the students and teachers reach school, nobody should be allowed in and out of the institutions to prevent transporting the virus into the schools,” he said. “School workers should also be tested for the virus before being allowed in the institutions.”

By  Emmanuel Masha

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