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Leaders urged to seek advice before calling for referendum

The  Speaker  of  the  National  Assembly, Justin  Muturi  has challenged those calling for referendum to seek advice from  the  law  makers before making calls for it.

Speaking  during a fund raiser at Busia Catholic Church  on Sunday, Muturi said no serious arrangements and preparations had  been put in place towards the push for a referendum.

“I  have not seen any serious movement except that of Ekuru Aukot seeking for referendum,” he said, adding that such a move should raise 1 million signatures and present them to the electoral body for approval.

He  termed the current utterances by a section of politicians calling for referendum as mere notice of intention adding that  referendum is not a walk in the park.

“So  if  it  is  their  desire  let  them  come  so  that  we  talk,” he said, adding that there will be need to visit at least 24  counties  and seek views of the Members of the County  Assemblies concerning the issue.

The  Speaker  added that he had not seen any earnest preparations for constitutional change, arguing that what is currently  going on is meant to excite the public.

The  Busia Governor, Sospeter  Ojaamong assured the residents that over shs.100 million had been set aside for cleanup  of  the  town and opening of the drainage system.

“I  also  have funds  for  renovation of  the health facilities  and  we are engaging contractors,” he said, adding that the  facilities had been supplied  with drugs.

The  Ugenya MP, David Ochieng’ urged Kenyans to be united and shun divisive politics.

Ochieng’ added that there is no need of politicking continuously at the expense of development.

“In  my opinion, if  there  will be referendum, then let us hold it together with the 2022 general elections,” he said.

  By   Salome  Alwanda

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