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Legislator steps up war against illicit brews & drug abuse

As alcoholism, substance abuse and its after effects continue to ravage scores of residents across most villages in Murang’a south, the local leaders is up in arms calling for concerted efforts to curb the vice.

Maragua Member of Parliament Mary Waithera (Wamaua) speaking at Kambiti, Maragua ridge, Saturday while on a relief food distribution exercise implored on the residents to join in the fight against alcohol and bhang abuse which has become very prevalent in Murang’a.

The legislator also called on parents to advise their children and tell them the truth on the effects of bhang and illicit brews as their silence as a generation is being wiped out is deafening and worrying.

“We will deal with the manufacturers and traders of lethal brews as they not mean well for our young people and this business must end,” she said. “However, we need your indulgence even as the security agencies crack a whip on the same, you also know the dealers please give us information that will be held in confidence so that we can clean up our society” she added.

She noted that there is a highly worrying trend in most Murang’a villages, where families and the social fabric has broken down as most men spend their days in drinking dens and trading in drugs the most common being bhang.

“Women, please talk to your daughters; men talk to your sons lest we lose an entire generation. And while at it, tell them the truth about the effects of premarital sex and being lured into it,” advised Wamaua.

The MP further took a swipe at parents who are quick to defend and bail out their children once they are caught for being on the wrong side of the law. “If your child is arrested, you are the same people quick to bail them out, allow them to be corrected and let the law take its course lest they turn against sooner or later,” she cautioned.

At the same time, Murang’a South Deputy County Commissioner Gitonga Murungi observed that the security team and the local administration is united in the fight against illicit brew and bhang trade and they are making significant strides on the same.

“The chiefs and assistant chiefs, for instance have dedicated two days in a week to carry out a crackdown on this trade. Consequently, we are relying on you to pass information regarding the traders living amongst you to us and action will be taken as illicit brew and drug abuse is detrimental to the growth and development of any society,” observed the DCC.

“We must be united towards a sober Murang’a,” he stated.

Over 2000 families from Kiambamba and Mangoto/ Kambiti Maragua ridge benefited from relief food as part of the government’s effort through the state department of social protection and Special programmes to cushion the vulnerable residents from the effects of the ravaging drought.

By Florence Kinyua

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