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Livestock vaccination postponed

The mass vaccination of livestock in Nakuru County has been postponed until the executive order on lockdown is lifted, and farmers have therefore been advised to remain vigilant, and call the directorate of veterinary services for any assistance.


The County Director of Veterinary Services, Dr Onesmous Gitui, said all neighbouring counties had planned for a simultaneous vaccination exercise before the onset of the rains to prevent escalation of foot and mouth diseases, but it won’t be possible due to the lockdown.


However, he assured the farmers, that immediately after the indefinite lockdown is lifted, the mass vaccination of livestock against common diseases such as rift valley fever and anthrax will resume.


In addition, he said they decided to delay the mass vaccination exercise to protect the livestock farmers from the surging numbers of the coronavirus cases in the county. He was addressing the press at the county offices today.


‘’Majority of our livestock farmers are elderly and whenever we announce the mass vaccination events, they turn-up in large numbers and maintaining the one-meter distance containment measure recommended by the ministry of health is difficult,’’ says Dr Gitui.


The director encouraged the livestock farmers to be at the forefront encouraging their communities to take up the ongoing vaccination against coronavirus since they comprehend the importance of vaccination against zoonotic diseases.


He added that the livestock farmers who are mainly 55 years and above were good ambassadors vaccination exercises because every year they vaccinate their animals and they appreciate doing so improves their livestock’s health.


Also, he appealed to dog owners to vaccinate their pets against rabies, and to avoid unnecessary risks to their families and communities. However, he warmed the owners of the stray dogs to either take care of them or they will be eliminated.


By Veronica Bosibori

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