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Makueni residents to be issued with biometric cards

Plans   are   underway   for  residents  of  Makueni  County to acquire biometric cards that they will use to access health   services.

The  County  Administrative Officer (CAO), Jopha  Kitonga  speaking in his Wote office on Monday, said that the exercise  will  start  on 3rd to 30th June, 2019, whereby there will be two centres in each of the 30 wards in the county.

He  said  people  will pay Sh.500 to register for the biometric card that will be used to access services like drugs, bed fee, dental treatment, laboratory services and imaging among others.

However, the  CAO  said that the card won’t be used to access specialized services like surgical, implant and post-mortem.

“The  main  aim of issuing the biometric cards is to help reduce the burden of the vulnerable that cannot access health  care services. They will use the card to access health care in nine hospitals within the county namely Makueni referral hospital, Makindu, Mbooni, Tawa, Kisau, Kilungu, Matiliku, Kibwezi and Sultan Hamud,” he said.

The  CAO   further  disclosed  that residents will have to come with their identity cards and birth certificates, while  birth notification cards will be used to register children.

Kitonga  revealed  that they have trained 80 clerks to do the registration throughout the county, while appealing to the  residents  to turn out in large numbers to make the exercise a success.

During  the month long exercise, the county government of Makueni is targeting to register 200,000 households.

By  Ann  Murigi/Franciscar  Kinyili

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