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Mass registration of HudumaNamba takes shape in Nakuru

Mass registration for National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) popularly known as Huduma Namba has taken shape in Nakuru County as hundreds turned up for the exercise Thursday.
Members of the public interviewed on queues at various registration centres faulted a section of politicians and members of the clergy for undermining the programme with the aim of scaring away the citizens from embracing the digital registration.
Abdul Sallam Kassim who said he had taken a break from his holiday in Mombasa to register in Nakuru said it was wrong for some politicians to sabotage the programme by peddling lies about the process.
He challenged them to be in the forefront in spearheading campaigns that would enable Kenyans to embrace the registration.
“From my observation acts of sabotage and deliberate misinformation have not dented the process. I am satisfied with the turnout here and I urge more residents to register in the database which will help the government in national planning.
All Kenyans should listen to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive that we register with NIIMS to boost governance.
It is for our own good and security as it will provide a digital national population register which will be a single source of truth of personal data on all Kenyans and foreign nationals who reside in the country” said Kassim
He said data captured on HudumaNamba will enable Kenyans market their skills to local and foreign investors, secure ownership of property such as land and improve access to the services linked to birth and death certificates more seamlessly and improve accountability and transparency in the management of public affairs.
“Kenyans need to be enlightened that this is also a one stop data base where our youth can deposit their skills for prospective employers to sample. It will also help policy makers address gaps in development programmes” said Kassim.
Steven Karanja who turned up for registration with his spouse called on the government to consider increasing clerks at registration centres. He slammed members of the clergy opposed to the HudumaNamba initiative saying that the registration process has nothing to do with satanic beliefs
“Though the process has been simplified clerks are taking between 12 and 20 minutes to register one person. The number of people turning up for the exercise is swelling day by the day. This personal identification system will help simplify processes and enhance public service delivery in Kenya,” he said
Another resident Simon Karanja called on the government to crack the whip on individuals spreading propaganda about government programs, adding that they should stop misleading Kenyans that the system will be used to rig elections.
The system is expected to be the authentic source of data for all persons residing in Kenya aged 6 and above including foreigners.
By Anne Mwale

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