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Meru Women Demand Apology from Politician 

Hundreds of women in Meru County protesting against their Woman Representative, Kawira Mwangaza, for insinuating that some local Member of the County Assembly secured their current seats courtesy of sexual favours.

The infuriated protesters majority of whom were women drawn from all corners of the County termed the statement demeaning and demanded that Mwangaza immediate apologize for portraying women leaders in bad light.

The women who were chanting slogans, said the remarks were very unfortunate, especially after majority of them mobilized for her support during 2017 elections.

Maendeleo Ya Wanawake County Chairlady, Ms. Mary Kanana, said the statement by Mwangaza should be withdrawn forthwith as it was demeaning women’s efforts in the entire County, especially those in leadership.

Recently MCAs led by Ruth Kananu, demanded accountability in the use of National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF) in the County, after Mwangaza was adversely mentioned by the Auditor General, over alleged misuse of Sh38million of the kitty.

But in a video response to the assertion that went viral in social media, Mwangaza dismissed the MCAs and saying he could not argue “with people who were not elected but got their seats through sexual favours” a remark that sparked outrage.

She claimed that the MCAs were  just against the gender-based violence rescue centre she was initiating  using the funds for political reasons but  Kananu insisted that the taxpayers had a right to know how the funds were spent..

“As a public servant, one should be ready to give answers pertaining to the use of public funds and not insults. If you are not ready to do this, then you should not seek public seats at all,” Ms. Kanana said.

Ms. Kananu (MCA) said it was high time that Ms. Mwangaza embraced teamwork especially with other leaders from the county in order to realise tangible developments.

“Mwangaza should work with other leaders and be a role model to the people of Meru rather than hurling insults at other leaders,” said MS Kananu.

She further said that Mwangaza should always respect women going forward and strive to work with them rather than undermining them.

Ms. Secondina Kanini (nominated MCA) said women in the county were tired of Mwangaza’s insults and were demanding an urgent apology.


“The woman representative was out of order to imply that women leaders are prostitutes. For this reason, she should apologise immediately or else we start a process of demanding her resignation,” said MS Kanini.

She said nomination seats are anchored in the Kenyan constitution and implying they got them through dubious means was an insult to the noble document.

Efforts to reach the woman representative for her comments over the issue was futile as her mobile phone was not answered.

by Dickson Mwiti

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