Ugandan Migrant’s Quest to Reach Mombasa  

Counties Kiambu

An elderly Ugandan national who has reportedly been trekking for days from the neighbouring country to visit a relative  in Mombasa has taken a break along the Kiambu-Nairobi Highway.

The 52-year-old Stephen Kirunja from Busoga in Uganda pitched tent near Kiambu Science and Technical College for the last 15 days after trekking from the border and is appealing to well-wishers to help him reach his destination to see his “dada”.

He decided to take a break due to exhaustion and when KNA team found him by the road side under a tree, he was begging for food from passersby who cared to drop a coin.

It was not clear if the man was mentally challenged or that the purported “dada” he was allegedly visiting at the coast was neither aware of his coming nor was his daughter or sister for that matter.

Preliminary examination of the physical appearance of the man pointed to possibilities that he might have escaped from a hospital either in Uganda as he was clad in a blue shirt which looked like those worn by in-patients.

Motorists along the busy highway continued to offer him money to buy him food and drinks from a nearby hotel across the road.

Despite the chilling Kiambu weather, Kirunja was sweating an indication that he could be ailing and in need of medical attention after spending several nights in the cold during his extra ordinary journey.

By Lydia Shiloya

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