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Missing Covid-19 Suspect Case Arrested

Kimilili sub county MOH Dr Wanambisi Wata has confirmed the arrest of a Covid-19 suspect who earlier on escaped from the sub county hospital holding facility.
Dr. Wata said that on Wednesday April 8, 2020 one Brenda Naliaka Mukhwana aged 31years visited the sub county health facility seeking for treatment.
“Upon reaching the gate she underwent preliminary tests that had Covid-19 symptoms and the hospital decided to place her under quarantine as per the regulations,” he said.
He noted that upon getting her medical history it was established that Brenda Naliaka who hails from Temba Temba village of Chebukwabi location in Kimilili Sub County had travelled from Nairobi County on April 1, 2020 while unwell.
Dr Wata further said that by around 4pm the patient escaped from the isolation centre and the case was reported at Kimilili police station at 6.30pm Wednesday.
“It was at this point that the multi agency team launched a man hunt of the patient. She was later found at her home and has now been placed under quarantine within holding facility under tight security,”said Dr Wata.
The medical officer has confirmed that Brenda’s specimen have been taken to KEMRI Kisumu to establish if she has contracted the Covid-19 virus.
He noted that Brenda will remain at the holding facility until they get the results for further measures.
Dr Wata called upon the public to continue adhering to the preventive measures of Covid-19 and also to be vigilant and added that any suspected patient should be reported to the health facility.
However, a spot check by KNA at the holding facility has established that no one was allowed there apart from trained nurses to provide her with basic needs.
Richard Muliro, a nurse at the holding ground during the visit said that Brenda was stressed and traumatised and added she needs more of guidance and counseling.
Muliro noted that so far there was no cause of alarm until the results are out.
By Douglas Mudambo

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