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Missing KCPE candidate Returns Home

Celebration and jubilation rent the air at Mwembe village in the outskirts of Kisii Town, Kisii County, after a last year’s KCSE candidate who disappeared after results were released returned home.

Ian Mochama, 13, was welcomed back after three months of disappearance, a period his kin described as traumatic.

Mochama narrated how he vanished after failing to achieve his target of above 370 marks to join a national school.

He revealed that he was disappointed when he received a message indicating he had 214 marks and felt like the world had come to an end.

It was then that he left Kisii and found refuge in Nairobi before moving to Mombasa after a friend’s assistance but now intends to join form one and pursue his dream of becoming a doctor.

His mother Evelyn Nyakerario said she had received peace in her heart after seeing her son again. She said her family had endured sleepless nights after their son’s disappearance.

His father Kabila Mochama explained how they underwent traumatizing moments in search of his boy day and night, at the relatives’ homes and hospitals.

He said that he was set to take his son to secondary school so that he could pursue his dreams.

His uncle, Samwel Oremo urged the boy to study hard in school to later help out his parents out of poverty.

By Clinton Nyamumbo and Jane Naitore


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