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MP Ndindi faulted for objecting division of Kiharu constituency

Some Murang’a east residents have come out to object to their MP’s opinion that Kiharu constituency does not need to be divided.
The residents argue that the constituency is big and highly populated thus need to be divided into two.
The residents led by nominated MCA Stephen Chege Habire said the constituency is not well served considering it has more than 110, 000 registered voters and the allocated resources are not enough to support education among other sectors.
Habire said the area MP Ndindi Nyoro should not claim there is no need for creation of an extra constituency as it is proposed in the BBI report.
In the proposed extra 70 constituencies, Murang’a county is slated to have one extra constituency with arguments based on whether to have the extra electoral unit from either Gatanga or Kiharu.
On Monday MP Ndindi said there is no need to create more 70 constituencies, arguing the move will bring a heavy burden to Kenyans.
He argued that instead of creation of more electoral units the money should be topped up to what National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) gets.
But Habire said creation of extra constituencies should not be viewed from the salary of an MP perspective, but on the benefits the people will get.
“A new constituency will come with many benefits like creating job opportunities, ensuring people get services without much struggle and also bring more funding to the grassroots,” he added.
The MCA spoke when he led small scale traders, casual labourers, touts and all those in the jua kali sector to sign for proposed constitutional amendments.
He said together with other youth leaders they will ensure more than 200, 000 signatures from young people are collected by close of Wednesday.
“We have embarked to bring in young people in the process to amend the constitution and in Murang’a more than 200, 000 young people are targeted to append their signatures. This will ensure as the county we will reach a target of 500, 000 signatures,” said the MCA who represents youth in the local county assembly.
Some local residents hailed the proposal to increase allocation in county governments but cautioned that the devolved money should be used prudently.
“If the report sails through and is adopted, we want county governments to use allocated money to spur economic growth and create employment for young people,” stated a Murang’a youth, Daniel Njuguna.
Signing the document in Murang’a which is spearheaded by local leaders including governor Mwangi Wa Iria, Senator Irungu Kang’ata and the County Woman Representative Sabina Chege is expected to end on

By Bernard Munyao


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