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Munya, Ngilu Back BBI Constitutional Change

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya and Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu have pushed for constitutional change through the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) framework as Kenya marks ten years since the promulgation of the 2010 constitution.

            Speaking during the launch of Sh 40 million Kwa Isiki water pan in Kitui Rural on Thursday, Munya said the BBI proposed constitutional amendments will guarantee inclusivity in the country’s leadership.

            “The provisions of BBI will foster geopolitical representation of all communities at the top echelons where the national decisions are made,” said the CS.

            Munya said that BBI has ensured political stability in the country since the March 9, 2018 handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Premier Raila Odinga.

            “The economy was reeling to recession before BBI. We were at the brink of political anarchy. The handshake has salvaged so much for this country, we call upon all leaders to pass the document once a referendum is announced,” said the leaders.

            The duo took a swipe at a section of leaders opposed to the BBI, adding that such leaders do not want the country to progress into a unified state adding, ‘some are on record for not supporting the constitution making process and campaigned against its change.’

On her part, Ngilu said that the moment of change is here and called for amendments of contentious sections to ensure inclusivity and end the marginalization of communities.

“The political landscape has changed. We are now working together for the development of all parts of the country. The moment of making amendments to the constitution is beckoning. Our conscience is to ensure the passage of BBI document,” she said.

 Ngilu noted that since time immemorial elections in Kenya have proved to be a threat to lives and the stability of our economy.

“Every four years, the country almost comes to a standstill as elections are prepared for. Investment and economic activity staggers, Kenyans lose jobs and livelihoods, while political competition often escalates beyond vibrant debate into ethnic polarization,” she said.

 Ngilu noted that Kenyans need to overcome this negative cycle by acting on the understanding that elections independently are not the solution to our national challenges.

“As a country, if we halt ethnic antagonism and profiling, promote inclusivity, strengthen devolution, fight corruption, and care about safety and security, as outlined in the BBI we will have elections that are not marred by mistrust and conflict,” added Ngilu.

 The duo reiterated that BBI emphasizes the need to unite the country by enhancing shared prosperity and end of divisive elections triggered by ethnic antagonism and competition witnessed every election cycle.

By Yobesh Onwong’a

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